Reception and Papana Pub open 8:00-22:00, Restaurant Kiela 16:00-21:30

The story of Sallatunturin Tuvat

Our story and values

Established in 1983 and now in our third generation, Sallatunturin Tuvat is a family business priding ourselves in promoting our core values which are locality, authenticity and respecting nature.

Locality refers to our local staff and local food, as well as Lappish products and selected Finnish design in our modest souvenir shop. Authenticity means being true to ourselves and honest, straightforward Lappish – that’s what we are.

It is no doubt that sharing our respect and love of nature with our guests, who mostly visit us to experience our beautiful and unique natural surroundings is a vital aspect of our values. Our easily approachable and safe wilderness is an amazing experience in all four seasons!

Local food from Lapland

Explore the authentic and unique tastes of Lapland with our local cuisine that are the highlights of our restauraunt. On the Kiela menu we have an extensive and delicious range of reindeer, fish, false morels as well as the specialty Lappish bread cheese. Our kitchen offers the traditional taste of Lapland with a modern twist. We use local products and try to get most of our ingredients from the producers nearby.

The berries, mushrooms and bread are sourced from Salla. Reindeer meat is naturally from Lapland, as well as the bear (in the years we are lucky enough to have it on the menu!). Our fish are caught in the clear waters of the north. In the Kiela restaurant and Papana Pub we serve local beer from Lapland. Our drinking water comes from a local spring. Lapland is proud to be home to the purest water in the world, straight from the tap, so there is need to buy bottled water here!

Responsible choices

Our new main building which houses our restaurant Kiela and the Papana pub, is heated by geothermic energy and lit by envrionmentally friendly LED lights. In our cottages the showers and taps are adjusted to save water. Our laundry is washed locally in Salla and the towels are not changed daily. We seperate the garbage to ensure we can recycle as much as possible. We encourage everyone to reduce food waste, to save water and to recycle. Our drinking straws are made of paper and ecological dishware, made of biomaterial are used in all of our activities.

Sallatunturin Tuvat is proud to have recived the Green Key certificate in October 2019. To recieve the Green Key, everyone works hard together to take environmental action and reduce our carbon footprints, whilst also supporting  guests to make greener choices. We also work closely with our local partners, making Salla  one of the forerunners in the Sustainable Travel Finland programme. Sallatunturin Tuvat recived the Sustainable Travel Finland certificate in June 2020.

Kick back and relax in the middle of nowhere

The extensive experience and hospitality of our family business and our wonderful staff will make your holiday unforgettable. In Sallatunturi you’ll experience the beautiful, real Lapland and the awe-inspiring silence of the wilderness. Our cottages are situated conveniently near the Sallatunturi fell and all services are within walking distance. Here you won’t be spending your holiday sitting in a car, queuing for the ski lift or waiting for a table in the restaurant. Enjoy your stay in Salla!

Responsibility Plan for Sallatunturin Tuvat

Sallatunturin Tuvat is a family company that will take good care of you. We have been accommodating travelers in our cabins for three generations already! In Salla, nature is always impacting our daily life, so protecting and nurturing it is naturally a part of our everyday life also.

At Sallatunturin Tuvat, we are committed to reducing our environmental impact within our operations and we are actively working to promote sustainable development constantly, by setting new goals every year. Our company’s work environment is safe with risk and crisis management being taken into account within our operations. We are constantly training ourselves, communicating our sustainable development activities to both our staff and our guests. In addition to the local community, our company operates in an international environment. We are committed to equal treatment and the promotion of rights for every person.

We are actively striving to reduce our energy and water consumption, minimizing the generation of waste and improving the sorting for recycling. We use 100% renewable electricity, environmentally friendly products and resource-efficient technology. We measure and monitor our environmental efficiency regularly, through measuring water, electricity and energy consumption, as well as the amount of waste generated within our operations.

We are minimizing food waste, using disposable containers only in exceptional circumstances. The cleaning agents and tissue paper we use are eco-labeled. We actively monitor and record the amount of food waste that occurs every day.

We are a pioneer in responsible tourism. Our family business is committed to ensuring that our guests can enjoy the authentic Lapland nature – both now and in the future.