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Things to do in Salla

Live amongst the beautiful untouched landscapes of Lapland and enjoy many wonderful experiences – all year round! Enjoy a range of activities and relax in the vast amounts of space that surround Salla.

Year-round activities

Sallan Wilderness Park

In Lapland, of course, you have to meet the reindeer! You can learn a lot about the reindeer and reindeer husbandry in the Salla Wilderness Park. In the park area you can meet the reindeer and their wonderful calves up close. The local guides are happy to sit down with a pot of coffee and share their incrediblee wisdom about these mystical creatures.

Salla Museum of War and Reconstruction

The main exhibition at the Salla Museum of War and Reconstruction tells the story of Kuolajärvi in the beginning of the 20th century, Salla before the wars, the turbulent wartime and the huge reconstruction projects that followed in the years after.

Sallatunturi Spa

The spa in the Holiday Club Salla is a great place to relax after a good work-out. You can admire the mountain landscape from the pool through their large windows. If you are lucky, you might catch a glimpse of the reindeer walking outside!

Ruuhitunturi wilderness cabin and café

Spend an unforgettable night amongst the magical scenery of Ruuhitunturi and experience the wilderness up close. You can reach Ruuhitunturi by walking, cycling, skiing or by snowmobile. Instructions and keys are available from Sallatunturin Tuvat. The Ruuhitunturi café is located in the same building – open from the skiing holidays to Easter. Remember to try the donuts!

Things to do in Salla: Summer


Rent a city bike, mountain bike or downhill bike from Sallatunturin Tuvat and head out for an adventure! You can also rent a fat bike or an electric fat bike from the Salla Ski Resort. There are roughly 440km of cycling routes, meaning there is enough terrain for you to cycle and explore for several days.


There are around 300 km of hiking trails in Salla – including the UKK route, Oulanka National Park and the Salla National Park. You take your adventure to the top of the fells and through the wilderness of Tuntsa. We also have hiking routes for families with children. Frying sausages in the rest stops can be the highlight of a holiday for the little ones!

Places to visit and attractions

You can also enjoy the nature without the hiking. An observation site for nordic natural phenomena can be found at Kaunisharju, located near Sallatunturi. The picturesque Kullaojanputous in Naruska, can also be found in Northern Salla. Don’t forget the many war memorials and sites around Salla! You can find more tips for destinations at:

Canoe trips

Salla is home to many wonderful and clean waterways, where you can attain whole new perspective via one of our canoe trips. Guided canoe trips from the Wilderness Park allow you to paddle on the beautiful Hangasjärvi. Travelling by canoe is considered to be, by many, a meditative experience.

Frisbee golf

An 18-basket frisbee golf course lies on the slopes of Sallatunturi. This course certainly offers spectacular views! Frisbee golf discs can be rented from nearly every company in the Sallatunturi area.

Swimming and paddling

The swimming area of ​​Sallatunturi is located on the shores of the beautiful Lake Keselmäjärvi. There is also a barbecue hut and a playground for children. There is also the opportunity to rent stand up paddleboards in Salla – SUP boards can be rented at Salla Ski Resort.

Northern Lights

In Lapland, you can spot the northern lights almost all year round. In the summer months, the evenings are so light that you cannot see the northern lights, but during the other seasons – you should be on the lookout! Forecasts can be viewed here, for example: Aurora Forecast


In Lapland, hiking can be a year-round experience. In the wilderness you can experience the variation of the seasons: the midnight sun in the summer, the fall colours of autumn, the beauty of the polar night and the greenery that protrudes from the snow in the spring.

Everyman’s rights and the wilderness of Salla offers a wide range of hiking opportunities. You can also pick mushrooms, berries and certain plants. In some waters, angling and ice fishing are prohibited. Restrictions can be checked at: