Open: Reception and Papana Pub 8-22, Restaurant Kiela 15 - 21:30

Restaurant Kiela

Open daily 15-21.30


Restaurant Kiela

Taste of Lapland

Local cuisine and the real taste of Lapland are the highlights of our á la carte restaurant. On the Kiela menu we have an extensive and delicious range of reindeer, fish dishes, false morel, as well as the specialty Lapp cheese bread. Our chefs prepare dishes with respect to Lappish traditions but with a modern twist.

Here you’ll dine in a warm and easygoing atmosphere. Chaîne des Rôtisseurs is a French gastronomic society that nurtures and supports the local food culture and pays tribute to the national cuisine. In 2008 they awarded the Kiela restaurant with their seal of excellence in recognition of the high quality of the food and service.


In Kiela Restaurant we love local food and get the berries, mushrooms and herbs from here. The fish we serve here was caught in the Nordic waters and the reindeer have herded in the surrounding vast wilderness.

Restaurant Kiela also serves takeaway orders. You can place your order by calling +358 16 831 931.

Tasting menu

Perch terrine LG
served with smoked perch, pickled root vegetables, pea puree and topped with malt bread croutons
12,20 €
Herb-roasted hare fillet LG
served with pickled root vegetables and a lingonberry mayonnaise
12,60 €
Cold smoked reindeer LG
served with smoked cream cheese, cranberries and pickled root vegetables
13,80 €
Slow-cooked bear MG
Our famous bear meat from Salla with warm root vegetables, served in a dark game broth
13,80 €


False morel soup LG
A creamy mushroom soup, served with local buttered rye bread
10,50 / 17 €
Salmon soup LG
A rich creamy soup, seasoned with dill and served with local rye bread
12 / 17 €
Reindeer terrine LG
served with an apple-cranberry relish and pickled root vegetables
13,50 €
Rainbow trout tartar LG
Rainbow trout from Naruska, served with pickled pumpkin, onion, king prawn and cold smoked Rainbow trout roe, topped with rye bread croutons
14,30 €

Vegetarian dishes

Stuffed turnip
Jaakkola farm's turnips, served with warm root vegetables, broad beans, vegan cream cheese and french fries
23,50 €

Fish dishes

Grilled arctic char LG
served with fennel sauce, seasonal vegetables and a potato cake
29 €
Fish of the day LG
Locally fried fish and side dishes of the day, served with roasted and seasoned Lappish potatoes
- €


House burger
150g beef patty, smoked cheese, onions, served with house burger sauce
20 €
Reindeer burger L
Gurpa-smoked reindeer steak, Lappish bread cheese, false morel stew
23 €
Fish fillet burger
Fish of the day, topped with a lemon remoulade
22 €
Vegan burger
Vegan vegetable steak, topped with vegan cheese pickled red onion
20 €
Chicken burger L
Finnish chicken fillet, topped with devil’s mayo and goat cheese, served with coleslaw
21 €
Bear burger
Our famous bear meat patty from Salla, topped with béarnaise sauce, smoked cheese, pickled red onion
29,50 €
Lappish potato fries
Lappish potato fries
4,90 €

Meat dishes

Slow-roasted pork LG
in a dark pepper sauce, served with seasonal root vegetables and mashed potatoes
24 €
Reindeer fillet LG
served with a madeira game sauce, seasonal root vegetables and a potato cake
37 €
Beef à la Sallatunturin Tuvat
This Kiela classic has been on the menu since 1987! Fried beef fillet from Finland, garlic potatoes, bacon, fried mushrooms, grilled tomato, béarnaise sauce à la Kiela
36 €
Sautéed reindeer roast
served with mashed potatoes, lingonberry jam and pickled cucumbers
32 €
Tuntsa bread
beef fillet 150g, whole grain toast, cold smoked reindeer, false morel stew
29 €

Kids menu

Sautéed reindeer à la Sallatunturi LG
mashed potatoes, lingonberry jam and pickled cucumbers
16 €
Fish of the day LG
served with vegetables and roasted Lappish potatoes
- €
Chicken fillet L
Finnish chicken fillet, served with french fries and mayo
13,10 €
Lappish potato fries
Lappish potato fries
4,90 €


Crème brûlée LG
with locally hand-picked cloudberries
11,90 €
Cranberry parfait LG
served with salted caramel, roasted white chocolate and a cranberry sauce
11,20 €
Chocolate and almond cake
with milk chocolate cream, a white chocolate mousse and a crumble
11,90 €
Lingonberry mousse G Veg
served with salted caramel and lingonberries
9,80 €
Bread cheese LG
served with berries and a caramel sauce
12,10 €
Ice Cream Scoop
spruce sprout, chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, raspberry sorbet, chocolate (vegan) or vanilla (vegan)
4,50 €
caramel, strawberry, chocolate, salty licorice, salted caramel
1 €